Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Mittens, simple.

Yes, I make mittens. Some time ago I finished a plain and simple pair in children's size to try them out and I have to say I'm more than pleased with them. The yarn is fine merino in eggplant, bought in Italy during a trip some years ago and it is really perfect for this project: warm, incredibly soft but still sturdy - I mean, they are mittens, after all. They have already warmed cold little hands and have survived several trips to the the washing machine, so what you see is a "real life" photo. Ahem, photos. Well, here we go:

This one shows the colour.

 After the cuff, I did not increase since the thumb increases were enough to accomodate the hand nicely:

The part for the finger tips has an odd shape. Poor child - had to try them on every row. Result: strange, not centric, but perfect fit!

(This one doesn't count, just playing around with the colour.)
Resumé: Making mittens isn't difficult at all, just don't forget to make two matching ones!

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